25 May

Whistleblowing Demystified



Whistleblowers are the primary source of information, leading to successful policing on economic crime. Detecting organisational misbehaviour is challenging, especially when those that witness wrongdoings do not have sufficient knowledge and incentives on how, and whether, to disclose. The webinar series “Whistleblowing Demystified” aims at giving confidence and guidance to companies to treat those speaking out with respect and dignity, whilst at the same time protecting the organisation from malicious accusations.

There are many pressing ethical and legal questions related to whistleblowing that might affect the effectiveness of disclosure. Our speaker Ian Ross will address some of the following key areas:

1. Who is a ‘whistleblower?’
2. How do you assess ‘incoming’ information from a person? (avoiding bias and stereotyping)
3. Data integrity and anonymity (including GDPR aspects)
4. Independent investigations
5. ‘Witness care,’ an often-overlooked issue; and
6. Creating healthy, productive and trustworthy whistleblower company policies

This event is jointly organised by the European Compliance Center and the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe. The event is also endorsed by VUZF University.

Ian Ross is a UK anti-money laundering and compliance expert with 30 years’ experience in risk management and financial crime investigation and prevention. He is also a former UK police officer established in key international commercial sectors; supporting governments and regulators, national banks, multi-national corporations, and law enforcement such as: the Qatar Stock Exchange, the Kuwait Investment Authority, the United Bank for Africa, the UK Serious Fraud Office, and the Malta Financial Services Authority. He is also a ‘listed expert’ to the International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands. Ian is an Investigative Psychologist, an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist and an ACAMS course developer and trainer.

This event will take place online for free on Tuesday, May 25 2021 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CEST. For more information on this event and / or registration, click here.

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