18 Jun

The Banking Cyber Security Forum


Nearly 563 million customer data records were compromised in 2018 alone, GDPR and data protection remains king and 2019 is set to be the year when the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) completely changes the face of banking. The pressure is on banks to remain competitive whilst maintaining impregnable information security structures, complying with stringent data regulations and adapting to new regulatory drives to open up the sector to new entrants.

Managing information security at a bank means taking account of a growing value chain including Third Party Providers (TPPs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), employees and customers. Ensuring growth, even for tier one incumbents, in a post Open Banking market means maximising technology to meet customer and regulatory demands for more – and better – digital banking services and changing tack to see compliance as a competitive advantage.

The Banking Cyber Security Forum is an exclusive, top flight event exclusively for senior banking executives, set to address each of these challenges and opportunities and encourages peer-to-peer conversation via a programme built around conversation opportunities with peers from across the banking sector in Europe.

18 Giugno 2019

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