30 Nov

FTSFEST 20 – Financial Innovation. Delivered.



FTSFEST’20 is moving forward – but conscious of the current state of things worldwide. To know where these uncertain times are going, we must understand where we came from…

For its 2020 edition the FinTechStage Festival reshaped itself into a hybrid experience – both virtual and presential, to foster both the “Tales from Pioneers” that build the FinTech industry and their stories, but also the solutions that are enabling us to recover from the current global crisis we are facing.

DAY 1 – October 22th – ROAD TO FINTECH TALKS

Although key forces are constantly changing, there are two key enablers for economic resilience. These are visionary leadership and open, synergic ecosystems. We’ll use the opportunity of the “Road to FinTech Talks” to explore how these have empowered FinTech as economic driver especially during the pandemic.

DAY 2 – November 30th – PLENARY SESSION

We are summoning on stage, all the major figures that pressed the big red button and started the revolutionary ideas that make what we now call fintech – the stage is ready for them, we give them a loud and poetic title, and suddenly they are our “Pioneers”, and they will tell you all 10 years of their stories, in order for us to move forward…


FinTech: The Recovery Enabler In a time of “great reset” it is key to focus on the topics that will shape the discourse and enable a powerful recovery.
Leadership: What have leaders learnt from the pandemic and how will it impact the years to come.
Investments: Where did all the money go at a time when cashflow seemed all that mattered.


All of this to answer the question we all have … Where to next in the upcoming 10 years?
Tickets are available and LIMITED, make sure to reserve your seat! 

22 Ottobre (ONLINE) – 30 Novembre e 1 Dicembre (MILANO)

Per informazioni e iscrizione consultare questo link


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